Chimoney launches App to increase engagement in 2021 virtual events

Canadian group, Chimoney is launching its web app. The platform has been working on a community, event, and employee engagement platform that lets you send flexible rewards, called Chimoney, to anyone. It also provides the option to redeem Chimoney for anything: Airtime, Crypto, Exclusive drops, and more to increase virtual events engagement.

Chimoney has been used at previous events already, as the company supported the Global Innovation competition by AfricaHacks. The AfricaHacks organizers used Chimoney to issue rewards to all participants redeemed for Airtime to enable participants to join the virtual zoom session.

Speaking about the impact of Chimoney at AfricaHacks 2020, Christine Dikoongué, AfricaHacks Vice President of Innovation, said that “Chimoney made it super easy for us to give Airtime and internet subscription to attendees of our AfricaHacks 2020 Hackathon. We only needed to upload their emails, and Chimoney handed it all from notifying, tracking, reminding, and redeeming the Airtime.”

Chimoney is suitable for employers looking to increase employee engagement in a remote-first world, for event organizers looking to subsidize the cost of joining virtual meetings for participants that pay by the minute for the internet, and for Influencers looking to launch giveaways and issue rewards to winners.

Unlike other employee engagement apps, Chimoney offers subscription plans (starting at $14.99 per month) in addition to pay-as-you-go options.

Chimoney benefits to increase remote team engagement
Chimoney twitter giveaway hashtag picker

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