AfricaHacks will give any potential Startup Founder a head start

The latest AfricaHacks Global Hackathon 2020 invited over 1,500 potential founders worldwide to brainstorm and start their startups. The week-long event, which included learning sessions, workshops, keynotes, and a hackathon, began on December 5 and ended on December 12 with a total prize of $1 million.

Participants were encouraged to remain innovative in their ideas and welcome the help of experts in technology, business, marketing, and business development. Similarly, the organizers of the AfricaHacks Global Hackathon 2020 urged participants to use their skills, talents, and time effectively to meet the hackathon’s expectations.

In his keynote address, Dr. Andrew S. Nevin, President of the AfricaHacks Global Hackathon 2020 Organising Committee, said: “Young people will solve Africa’s challenges” and stressed the need for young people in Africa to participate in AfricaHacks, where they take a stand to create and innovate a sustainable economy. He also reaffirmed that technological innovation is key to addressing societal challenges in different sectors.

The competition was also accompanied by several speakers, including Odunayo Eweniyi of PiggyVest, Sultan Akintunde of Grant for the Web, Sam Bellen of Auth0, and Garan Means Vonage. AfricaHacks also hosted veterans, including AfricaHacks founder Uchi Uchibeke, Rising Odegua, Oluwatoni Ogunmade, Phila Phungula, and a host of others. AfricaHacks has also hosted several veterans, including AfricaHacks Founder and President Uchi Uchibeke and Cofounder Christine Dikongué.

During the opening session, Odunayo Eweniyi from PiggyVest gave a tour of the basics of scaling a company and spoke about his experiences as founder and CEO of her company.

AfricaHacks Dr. Adeola Olubamiji Keynote

The week-long event culminated in a final round of innovative project evaluation and a pitch session, where teams presented their products and services, after which the winners were announced. Presenting the awards to, TheEagles, Agric4Good, and other winners, Uchi Uchibeke, AfricaHacks founder, stressed the need for all participating teams to join the AfricaHacks Startup sandbox program in the AfricaHacks Innovation Lab Platform. GetBridge app won $1000 at the AfricaHacks Startup Pitch and all participants were presented with a Certificate.

If you’re looking to join the ranks as a Startup founder, apply for the AfricaHacks Startup Sandbox program.

AfricaHacks Startup Hackathon Certificates


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