A Hackathon for Sustainable Development Goals launches in Nigeria

Hackathons (hack marathons) are innovation challenges where participants hack or solve a challenge and build innovative solutions to problems in a community, country, or the world. The Hackathon culture promotes collaboration, networking, and value creation.

Speaking about the impact of hackathons on SDGs in Nigeria, Uchi Uchibeke, founder of NaijaHacks and AfricaHacks, organizers of Africa’s largest Hackathon, said that “participants at hackathons build with the latest and greatest technologies from top tech companies. They then transfer the experience to create value locally, making their lives, families, and country better. Thus, impacting the realization of the SDGs directly”. He added that “a collaboration between participants and organizing partners is key to hosting a successful and sustainable hackathon. That is why we are happy to be partners in the upcoming Naija SDGs Hackathon.” 

The Naija SDG Hackathon was created by Financial Centre For Sustainability, Lagos (FC4SL), and Nigeria Climate Innovation Center (NCIC) in partnership with AfricaHacks and Access Bank and supported by the Office of the Vice President of Nigeria. From March 25, 2021, accredited Hackathon teams and individuals will have the opportunity to develop creative solutions to address pressing local and global challenges to promote sustainable development goals.

Participants can win over thirty million nairas in prizes, benefits, and perks, and participation is open to youth aged 18 – 35 in Nigeria. Participants can apply to join at sdghackathon.africahacks.com from opens from February 15, 2021, to March 15, 2021.

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